Promoting Women’s Engagement in the Society

Start date:Aug,2014 End date:Jul,2015

Project target



Project activities

Lack of respect for women`s rights remains a problem throughout the Caucasus region, where it can be unifying factor in the diverse and fractious region. As a part of this project, Democracy Today will hold human rights trainings and a 10-day seminar in Yerevan for young women working with NGOs in their respective regions, oversee a series of seminars for schoolchildren conducted by the participants, and provide participants with ongoing support and training in blogging and online activism.

At the outset of the project, Democracy Today and their Russian partner have selected ten participants from the North Caucasus and ten from Armeina, from five NGOs in each country, for a total of 20 participants from 10 NGOs.

After participants have been selected, Democracy Today and their Russian partner held two five-day trainings, one in Grozny and one in Yerevan, orienting them on the basic principles of women`s rights, and on domestic and international mechanisms for protecting those rights.

The seminars gave the participants a chance to share experiences and to learn from local human rights defenders about the best practices in defending women`s rights.

Shortly before the beginning of the school year, Democracy Today and their Russian partner organised a 10-day School in Yerevan. The aim of the school was to serve two purposes: to provide the patrticipants with additional training and to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas among the participants from the two regions.

Trainers included experts from the UN and the Council of Europe as well as local NGO workers.  Other topics for discussion included culture annd women`s rights, combating stereotypes, and women`s rights as a part of overall human rights context in the North Caucasus and Armenia.