Protecting Life and Health for the Military Personnel

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Project purpose

The comprehensive research, that will be conducted in the framework of the project  will explore and compare such policies in Armenia and in other, more advanced countries. Its goal is to find out whether proper policies may improve the health care and social justice in the army, to draw recommendations for the government, to advocate and to promote life and health insurance,  and such to increase the state’s responsibility for those called on into the army  and to raise the life expectancy for the military personnel (almost all the male population of Armenia as military service is mandatory for all the male citizens over 18 years old.)

The target group of the project are army military personnel, new and old conscripts and those who have been hired on contractual basis. The project while meeting it’s goals will be beneficial for entire population  of the country, as improvements in the army , transparency and openness will impact on change of attitudes in entire country : on issues of security, image of enemy, use of hard security as predicament to silence  opponents of  current  violations of human rights of military personnel.