"Strengthening capacities of rural women"

Start date:Apr,2010 End date:Dec,2010

Project purpose

 How we started to work  in Nalbandian ? From one person project to establishing community women’s Club
“ DT” started to work in Nalbandian village  in Armamavir region  more than 10 years ago.
There have been excellent evolution in the projects procession in the village. Starting with one women from the village in 2000 , providing small grant to start her small agribusiness, later DT established  group of  10 women, who  with small start up grants has established excellent agribusinesses  that provided them and their families with many years livelihoods. OXFAM  has presented them with fruit trees and seeds. Next stage was establishment of revolving fund , very innovative project, that helped 10 women  from main group and other women in the community develop their businesses and help not only themselves and their families , but also develop their own assistance to their village project. Through the years of work much has been changed in Nalbandian village : women changed changing society and attitudes , they  took important roles in community .It was important to strengthen the group and continue women’s empowerment . with the funding from Kwina till Kwina and “Democracy Today “ new NGO in Nalbandian has been established . Nalbandian village women’s club.   
This is new Nalbandian women’s Club .

Project target

But it is important to mention that during the seminars and training and interactive discussions that were organized by Democracy Today women become more active and got more involved in community issues and their solutions. Moreover, the women were given small grants that they used to increase the village products quantity and quality. This step of course put its stamp on the image of women in the village. When men were being refused in Banks to get funding, women came with their small grants and invest the money in the development of the agriculture. This step brought two important results: first the village could overcome some difficulties and increase the number of products (products are mainly fresh and dried fruits and vegetables), and the second, the increase of the role of woman in the village, as it brought community to see women as equal as men. Moreover, we didn't stop in that point and every year after harvest Democracy Today organize Village products fair and our women not only from Nalbandyan village but from other villages that we organized similar projects come and participate at the fair. We support them and thanks to donors and sponsors we provide them free transportation and room to come and participate. Well we always try not only to help our women by organizing for them seminars and meetings but also we try to break the stereotypes and help people to understand that women and men rights are equal.

There have been selected women from Nalbandian village to establish womne's club in Nalbnadian village.

Project activities

This are the activities of the new NGO .

 Through project supported by Kwinna till Kwinna women were able to establish well equipped office with all necessary facilities. Library with necessary books and internet access have been provided for the use of all the women in community.
Women chose the themes for seminars and training and seminars we conducted both be outside experts and women experts from the club.
    Women from Nalbandyan village were provided with free of charge gynaecological consultation and the check up. It was organized 4 visits of gynecologist who observed 80 women and prescribed proper treatments as well as there were organized additional examinations for 60 selected women in specialized clinics of Yerevan.

 “Nalbandyan Village Women Club” NGO was established and officially registered. In addition the NGO has been provided with some missing furniture and equipment for their office needs and office library by the necessary professional literature.
Many women have received medical advice and assistance, which was extremely necessary for these women.